In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women Incorporated is hosting “Living Behind the Mask,” a masquerade gala, on October 22, 2016. During the gala, survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse will receive awards honoring their tenacity and ability to overcome such obstacles. The gala will also feature live entertainment and fashion.

Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women Inc., founded by Rhonda A. Thompson, stands firmly on its mission to serve women and children of the greater Metro Atlanta area. The purpose of “Living Behind the Mask” is to serve as a fundraiser which will aid women and children involved in cases of domestic violence by offering emergency shelter. Rose of Sharon’s vision is to teach women and children to become healthy, balanced, educated, and poised while living in a society free of drugs, alcohol and violence.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join Rose of Sharon at the “Living Behind the Mask” Masquerade Gala on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 6pm. The attendance of such an influential public figure like yourself is greatly appreciated and we guarantee that this gala and its purpose will be enjoyable and beneficial to many women and children in the Metro Atlanta area.

Logo_MediumThe company was founded in 2012 by Rhonda A. Thompson in her journey to ending domestic violence. It is her vision to take women through the many phases of healing restoration while refining their inner and outer self-imagine. Our primary focus is emergency/transitional housing however currently we provide supportive services many service areas include: crisis intervention, providing food, advocacy, counseling for victim/child, support groups, and. Clients will also benefit from workshops on financial planning, pre-employment training, life skills, drug & alcohol prevention and parenting skills. We are a 501c3 tax deductible organization so feel free to support us today.

To learn more about Rose of Sharon Inc. Visit: http://rosatl.org

Tamiko Lowry-Pugh often referred to as “The Empowering Diva” is the voice for Women’s Empowerment. As the CEO of Tamiko Lowry LLC, and The founder of The Still Standing Foundation, she has constructed a powerful movement dedicated to the empowerment and personal development of women across the world. The Still Standing Foundation is an organization that provides a positive outlet for survivors of domestic violence.

In 2010 she was featured in Career Magazine’s article “40 Movers and Shakers under the age of 40” and in 2012 received The Atlanta Rising Star Award for her work with the Still Standing Foundation.

Most recently Tamiko received the Atlanta Black History Makers Award as well as the Unsung Heroine Award for her dedication to the fight to end domestic violence. Tamiko is an Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Public Speaker/Master Communicator, and Domestic Violence Advocate.

Ms. Kimya N. Motley is a certified educator with over 19 years of teaching experience. She received a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Sciences in Counseling Psychology from The University of Missouri. Motley teaches in the Gwinnett County School System and earned the distinction of Teacher of the Year for the 2015 – 2016 school year. She currently serves on the Teacher Advisory Council to the Superintendent and the Advisory Council for the School Counseling Department. In recognition for her work as an educator, she has received commendations from Kelly Kautz, Mayor of Snellville and State Senator Gloria Butler.

After surviving a tragedy in 2011, Motley founded Haven of Light International, Inc. in May 2013. Haven of Light International is a non-profit designed to help families rebuild spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially after abuse.
Motley is an inspirational speaker for organizations and events in support of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and sex trafficking awareness and recently received a commendation from Governor Deal as a leading domestic violence advocate.

Melissa Holmes is a two domestic violence survivor turned advocate 6 years ago, after surviving her last relationship that almost claimed her life. She decided that after being strangled within seconds of dying, she would start a nonprofit organization called Love Shouldn’t Hurt NY Inc., which originally started as a Facebook group in 2010, for domestic violence survivor and victims. She wanted to create a safe forum for others that needed help in leaving abusive situation, or just needed comfort in knowing that they were not alone.

Melissa launched a domestic violence seminar/workshop in Oct 24th 2015 called “From Pain To Purpose with Chapters in New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Maryland to name a few.

Closing Words: I’m NO longer a victim, I’m a VICTORY!

Erika founded P.U.R.S.E. (Partnering Under Real Situations Everyday) Foundation after the death of her friend made her reflect upon her own situation and gave her the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship and encouraged her to help others facing the issue of abuse. Ms. Lee is a youth motivational speaker who focuses on Teen Dating Violence. Founded in 2009, P.U.R.S.E. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Atlanta; the Foundation addresses the question, “What Are You Carrying?” The mission of P.U.R.S.E. is to Educate, Encourage & Empower teens to take a stand against violence!

Erika received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Illinois State University and Masters of Art degree from Governors State University. She is an active member of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta. A native of Kankakee, Illinois and a proud parent of a 10 year old American Bulldog named Sugar.

As a childhood survivor of household domestic violence, Ardre was motivated to be transparent in her journey and to work tirelessly to empower women suffering from oppressive circumstances in their lives. Her goal as an author and advocate for women is to create platforms and media that allow their voices to be heard. Ardre Orie is an industry trailblazer, producing stage plays, books, filmed documentaries and national advocacy efforts that encourage conversations and push the envelope to help others to tell their stories of triumph and redefine self-worth. As author of Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough (2014) and A Heroine in Heels (2015); writer and director of the theatrical productions Lipstick Monologues and The Heart of a Man; and film director of the documentary I Am Consciously Beautiful, Ardre Orie’s work. Ardre Orie is also a Philanthropist.

To learn more about Ardre Orie, visit www.IAMArdreOrie.com.

Harrylan is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Director of Fellowship Community Outreach and the Founder of S.A.V.E.D (Survivors Against Violence Empowered & Determined).

She is survivor of Domestic violence & Sexual abuse. Through the years she has battled with various chronic health conditions (Cancer, Lupus, etc.) But she refused to allow her health to stop her from helping victims of Domestic violence & Sexual abuse. She is motivated by the individuals & families she serve to continue her work. Just knowing they are getting needed help. Is truly encouraging, empowering and worth all the hard work and long hours. With over 15 years of experience working within the community in various areas such as homelessness, Domestic violence & Sexual abuse, substance abuse, at risk youth & community health & life skills education.

The Leader of the Legislative Clergy Council Pastor Sabrina McKenzie hit the ground running with this nationwide initiative. New formed organization of concerned Faith and Community leader the Legislative Clergy Council (LCC) consist of several ecumenical clergy members who believe that prayer is the foundation all life and is necessary to maintain a balance in the educational system. The absence of prayer increases a break down in the moral fiber of America as we have seen with the increase of school murders, violence, divorce and teen pregnancy.

Pastor Sabrina McKenzie has a passion for Winning Souls and is an advocate for Women and Children. Her life is an excellent example of, “To whom much is given, much is also required.” Blessed with an abundance of spiritual gifts, McKenzie is committed to positively impacting the world. Her multifaceted platform is a compelling combination of the arts, advocacy, mass media and, of course, ministry. She is a celebrated Pastor, business woman, and television personality.

Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women Inc. was a 15 year old vision from Rhonda A. Thompson. While working the crisis line at Sojourner Truth House in Milwaukee, WI. She was driving home after personally escaping a woman and three children from a domestic violence incident and transporting them to Racine, WI on the Greyhound. This is when she felt that she needed to do more. Mrs. Thompson ignored the calling for 15 yrs. until she couldn’t any longer. As a woman who survived and understood the many forms of domestic violence including sexual abuse she founded Rose of Sharon in February 2012.

Mrs. Thompson had the privilege of beginning her domestic violence work in 1988 while manning the crisis hotline at “Sojourner Truth House” in Wisconsin. She also worked with “Brothers Against Domestic Violence” as a female body guard who escorted women to court for domestic violence cases.  A woman who has survived multiple forms of abuse, including sexual abuse, she can understand a victim’s perspective.  She became an intricate part of the healing process for many women and uses her survivor platform to reach back and help others.  Her life’s mission is to eradicate the senseless physical, emotional and mental damage, injuries, and deaths that occur as a result of abuse and domestic violence.  She is also dedicated to helping women to find their own voice, to live authentically, and to design a life that they love.

Rhonda’s passion for event planning has been an extraordinary masterpiece and opportunity for her to foster domestic violence awareness while enlightening and entertaining her guests.  She is the creator and accomplished facilitator of several successful events such as the Living Behind the Mask Masquerade Ball, which honors overcomers of domestic violence and Tea Party Socials, which brings women together to have those deep conversations with hopes of creating social change.  All of these events are fundraisers designed to not only benefit ROS but also to raise consciousness, bring the community together in support of other survivors, and leave her guests with a sense of awareness and an experience that will last a lifetime.

Rhonda is the mother of two sons and the author of “Don’t Spill the Tea” scheduled to be released, Summer of 2016.

Like every child, Yamma Brown wanted her father’s attention, but fame, drugs, jail, and the complicated women in James Brown’s life led to an uncommon childhood. Yamma’s fondest memories of her father are listening to his wild tales of encounters with presidents, celebrities, devout fans and famous friends—told while he sat under a hair-drier wearing his curlers in his jet-black hair, smelling clean and outdoorsy and cooing to Yamma in his raspy voice. But these fond memories served as a way to drown out the violence and screaming she so often witnessed between her parents. Although she was never beaten, Yamma remembers trembling at the sounds of her beloved father’s angry voice and the whimpers of her mother as she took the abuse. As a five-year-old girl, Yamma was forced to jump on her father’s back as he hit her mother in the face while she was pinned to the ground. It wasn’t until college that Yamma could stop trembling every time she heard her father raise his voice.

Yamma Brown is the Vice President of the James Brown Family Foundation and founder of Daughter of Soul Productions. Her recent projects include transforming her father’s Beech Island house into a museum, and producing the major biopic about her father, Get On Up, directed by Tate Taylor of The Help, starring Chadwick Boseman. The film is set for release in August 2014 from Universal Pictures. Yamma lives in Atlanta, GA with her two children. @daughterofsoul- Twitter/Instagram


For some, giving back comes as a passion and for others it’s greatly overlooked. For Adria Robinson, it not only serves as a passion, it pairs up with a genuine heart.

Ms. Robinson is the CEO/Founder of the Powerful Women in Business Association, LLC. (PWIB) CEO/Founder of the National Association of Professional Black Women, Inc.(NAPBW), Founder of Powerful Stilettos Networking & Expo Tour, 2015 Global Award Winner of the SheRo Award, 2016 Unstoppable Woman “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” Award Nominee and Former 1st Vice Chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Metro Atlanta Chapter. Ms. Robinson established the fastest growing chapter in the NCBW organization’s history. Involving relationships with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Rock the Vote and the National Kidney Foundation; Ms. Robinson infused her passion for her community.

Dr. Robert J. Watkins has dedicated his life to helping people maximize their financial and business potential. He is the CEO of Conquer Worldwide, a financial company providing financial resources to people with innovative idea. His ministry, Kings & Priests has empowered over 17,000 business and ministry leaders through his annual Conquer Business Conferences.

After high school, Dr. Watkins enlisted in the U.S. Army then went on to graduate from West Georgia University. He has authored several bestselling books, including How To Hear From God, and his newest book, Never Chase A Paycheck Again. His mentor program, EXTREME RESULTS, has become the number one scripturally-based financial and business system in the world, with thousands of associates receiving start-up capital, empowerment and expert support. His books, DVDs and other teaching materials are now distributed throughout the world, including Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore and Israel.

He has spoken at Harvard Business School, Emory University and Georgia State University to name a few. And in 2005, received an honorary doctorate degree in business and theology. Also, his new TV show, CONQUER NEWS with Dr. Robert J. Watkins premiers in April, which showcases the lives that have been transformed by Dr. Watkins’ teachings. Having never met his birth mother or father, Robert was given over to a Detroit, Michigan orphanage at birth. However, he never allowed his upbringing to stop him from helping other people fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Electric. A word that describes not only Ken Ford’s violin but aptly describes the man himself, with electrifying and deeply physical live performances that have audiences up on their feet and into the aisles, feeling the music as much as he does, jumping and dancing around on stage. Far from being any quiet instrument, Ken’s infectious energy takes the violin center stage with amazing artistry and creativity, rocking out on the violin with a passion and fervor that rivals the biggest and baddest guitar solos.

A wonder to behold on stage, Ken’s evocative playing and passion for strings on the electric violin have enthralled fans of all ages, as well as peers from diverse genres, from jazz to blues, R&B to hip-hop and more. With a soul-stirring style that highlights all the voices of the violin, from sensuous and genteel to dramatic and muscular, Ken’s talents have brought him on stage and into the recording studio with a range of superstar artists including Bruno Mars, Jill Scott, Wyclef Jean, Chaka Khan, Ledisi, Brian Culbertson, the late Barry White, Erykah Badu and more. Additionally, Ken had the pleasure and honor to play for our beloved First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.

High-energy, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for art, design and creativity. Will Henry is an Atlanta based graphic designer and artist specializing in fine art, illustration & design. Will’s illustrative work is renowned for its fluidity, the quality of its execution, as well as the the aesthetic and well-planned thought out attention to detail in each composition.

The work produced by Will encompasses a wide range of design disciplines. In the area of print graphics, Will produces identity programs for corporate and institutional marketing purposes – including logos, stationery, brochures, signage, and annual reports. In the field of environmental and interior design, Henry has conceptualized and site-supervised the fabrication of numerous products, exhibitions, interiors and exteriors of restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, and other retail and commercial environments.

Will Henry is also personally responsible for the design and illustration of several posters for clients in the areas of publishing, music, theater, film, institutional and civic enterprise, as well as those for commercial products and services. Will Henry continues to be dynamic and lively while working and creating. Will is also a regular contributor to the local art scene of Atlanta and mentor to young men and women who strive to be better artists and designers.

Today, Will is available as a designer and illustrator.

Reece Odum is a native of Atlanta GA. This award winning actress has always had a true love for the performing arts. In just a short time, Her acting career quickly flourished allowing her the opportunity of completing several film and television projects where she performed in lead or principal roles. Recent films and television shows include TV One’s “The Secret She Kept”, Oxygen’s “Killer Posts” , Bounce TV’s “Saints and Sinners” , BET Centric’s “What Love Will Make You Do”, BET’s “Mr. Right” , UPtv’ s ” Lyfe’s Journey”, and” The Wish”.

Reece portrayed roles in these films as apart of the main and principal cast working along side amazing actors like Vanessa Bell Calloway (Coming to America), Victoria Rowell (Young and the Restless), Keith Robinson (Dream girls), Darrin Henson (SoulFood), Carl Payne (Martin), Tommy Ford (Martin), Columbus Short (Scandal), Charmin Lee (Girlfriends) and many more.

Her goal is to continue to share her passion for the arts with purpose by making a difference in people’s lives. A faith based theme has been shared by many of her projects as well as being focused on major issues that need to be addressed in the community such as domestic violence (The Last Time, and Imprisoned by Love), organ/tissue donation (The Wish)

As the lead actress and a producer, Reece was honored with a Resolution/Proclamation by the Georgia State Senate in March 2016 for her efforts to help increase minority organ/tissue donor registration with the film “The Wish” , executive produced by Donate Life America.

With a commitment to improving the lives of people in our community, Solicitor-General Sherry Boston oversees the prosecution of criminal misdemeanor offenses in DeKalb County. These crimes include domestic violence, elder abuse, cruelty to children, vehicular homicide, drunk driving, stalking and harassment, trespassing and animal cruelty. Ms. Boston oversees approximately 13,000 cases filed in the State Court of DeKalb County each year as well as an additional 175,000 cases filed in the non-jury traffic and ordinance divisions of State and Magistrate Court. She supervises a staff more than 90 employees including attorneys, investigators, victim and witness advocates and legal secretaries.

Ms. Boston is dedicated to working with police and our communities to prevent crimes before they occur and has developed innovative new strategies to make DeKalb safer and strengthen the rights of victims. She created a Special Victims Unit so that advocates are available to help victims and witnesses through the legal process while directing them to community resources. Ms. Boston also created a Community Prosecution Program to focus on problem solving, public safety and quality-of-life issues while developing partnerships with law enforcement and community groups. One initiative of Community Prosecution is the Court Watch Program which helps stop repeat offenders by allowing citizens a voice in the courtroom.

Heidi B. Fuller is responsible for creating marketing and fundraising campaigns, brand awareness, and promotions for clients such as the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, 100 Black Men of America and United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.  In addition her present partnerships include Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Eliza J, and UpTV (Uplifting Entertainment) just to name a few. Heidi B. Fuller also has joined the team of “We Are DeKalb Magazine” as the Public Relations representative as well as host of “We Are DeKalb TV”. She was honored in the 2009, 2010 and 2016 Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and also a lifetime member and mentor for Campfire USA, a national civic organization for youth. 

In conjunction with her media and marketing talent, Heidi B. Fuller is now climbing the production ladder of success.  As the past host on “The Fuller View,” on WATC-TV and host of “Joy In Our Town”, on TBN (the world’s largest Christian Network) with viewing audiences of over 5 million.  Heidi B. Fuller maintains the ability to market, produce, and film your product, services and stories all in one set. 

Presently, Ms. Fuller is the Global anchor for the “Black Women’s Broadcasting Network” (BWBN), which airs on www.wigoam.com, Thursdays, at 2:00pm. This opportunity allows Heidi to use all her talents and skills to help elevate her audience.  The Black Women’s Broadcasting Network focus is to recognize and share the realities of business at hand in the lives of Black Women throughout the world. Author of “My Mama Taught Me Better Than That!”

Dr. Alexcius Branch is an avant-garde and self-made boss with a myriad of professional and academic accomplishments. Alexcius proudly proclaims the status of a sophisticated and set apart diva with a spirit of excellence and elegance in every facet of her life. Her story is a combination of complex problems and heroic feats. As the daughter of a drug-addicted mother and unknown father, the volatile childhood of Alexcius was filled with misfortune; (1) her younger brother died in a house fire at the age of 4 when she was only 8; (2) her two older brothers were both incarcerated for charges of murder and armed robbery; and (3) she became the mother of two children by the tender age of 19. Determined to achieve her childhood aspirations of becoming a military officer, Alexcius enlisted into the U.S. Army after the birth of her second child.

This was a defining moment in her life and marked the beginning of the transition from tragedy to triumph. Dr. Branch entered the Army as a Private First Class and transitioned into one of America’s social, scholastic, and military pioneers. As a sergeant and later 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army, Alexcius led America’s sons and daughters in training and real world missions for nine years. She distinguished herself as a leader among the Army’s elite by earning the coveted Airborne (Parachutist) and Air Assault (Repelling) badges as well as being the first black female Class President of the Army Officer Candidate school and the first black female Executive Officer of the Fort Campbell Air Assault Academy. After serving her country, Dr. Branch quickly rose through ranks of Corporate America where she held several managerial and executive positions including PMO Director and Brand Manager for global, Fortune 500 companies such as International Paper, FedEx, Ford Motor Company, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft. Alexcius has started businesses from the ground up, rescued failing organizations, increased market share, negotiated billion dollar contracts, and spoke before crowds of 2500+.